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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Skies Are Illusionists

Longtime readers know that I am a ridiculously proud West Chester native, so any time I get to review music from that glorious town it's obviously going to be a good day. Today I bring you Skies Are Illusionists a progressive instrumetal project by Cris Kailer, the bassist of my friends in Rollin' Loaded. Skies Are Illusionists is an impressive act to say the least and Kailers songs are often complex and beautiful with epic arrangements that take progressive song structures to a new level. Rare is the instrumental rock track that can keep my attention for a quarter of an hour, yet somehow, Kailer pulls it off. With his layers of guitars and bass things just come out...right. In some way it makes sense they came out this good, he has been working on these songs for about 2 years now and he definitely has some impressive chops stored away. Suffice to say, now that clear progress is being made the future seems bright for Cris. Glorious and all encompassing I'm exciting to see where this man brings his own unique brand of prog next!

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