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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Unbeing-Self Titled

So now, here we have an interesting and new prog band who show a new side of the metal scene in Montreal. This group practices instrumetal in its most glorious form with powerful compositions that show all of the magic that true prog can have. This set of 8 songs is well developed, powerful and passionate, showcasing a band who understand their instruments and who create music that accurately reflects the inherent power of the soul. Modern prog often becomes decadent and silly so a band like Unbeing is definitely something exciting to discover.

The first thing that will impress you with this record is the sheer songwriting chops that engage the listener from the very first song. While their are technical chops galore (more on them later) the songwriting is what really gets me going. This self titled record can reach out to non instrumetal fans, a record that could appeal to even the more traditional metalheads. Yet again, I must emphasize, the chops here are insane the crazed riffs and flashy solos are a lot of fun to listen to and give whole new layers of power to songs like Chuck Norris. (Which is accompanied by an awesome music video) In short, these guys know what they want to do and how to do it.

To finish it off, Unbeing is a promising debut that definitely deserves to be re-released (Pick it up today!) Unbeing represent a whole new layer of prog, showcasing the eternal magic that the genre will have,. Their is a bit of everythign here, but more importantly this is a record that does not confine itself to only prog fans. their is more to this record than can be found in many of their contemporaries and for that I am glad. for those of you who want an instrumetal record for the ages prepare yourselves for some of the niftiest progressive music you'l hear all year!

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