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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Venrez-American Illusion

American Illusion [CD]

Now here is a cool hard rock record from a band who have the honor to open up for Buckcherry and Hardcore Superstar this fall in Europe. American Illusion is a fun and often intelligent modern hard rock record that shows Venrez pulling all the stops to create a powerful debut record that simply reeks of rock and roll majesty. Yet these guys aren't just pulling all the same tricks as their contemporaries, there are cool new edges to be found on American Illusion that show that Venrez have the creativity and originiality to go far.

One of the things I really like about this record is the strange vaguely electronic delivery of the vocals on songs like The Beat Goes On it captures the sheer magic that this record often has. Their is a sort of Cynic vibe provided by these strange and ethereal vocals. Toss in some intelligent lyrics about the nature of America and you know you're already off to a great start. Another great thing about this album are the wonderful riffs which are often very memorable and unafraid to reach out and touch the soul. With American Illusion Venrez not only put out some cool tunes, they make a statement, one that needs to be heard in this era of government shutdowns and NSA.

In conclusion, American Illusion is a very cool debut from a band with a sound that is definitely different than most of the other stuff that is dominating rock radio these days. Yet at the same time there is enough to latch on too hear that many a modern hard rock fan will have no difficulty getting really into this record. For me the highlights are the innovative vocal delivery and the powerful lyrics, they are the things that give the album meaning for me. Yet don't discount the power of some of the riffs and the excellence of the songwriting. If you want a cool new rock and roll record for 2013, then American Illusion is the album for you!

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