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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Storyline

Bringing you heavy progressive rock from Finland is The Storyline a powerful group who understand the genre and craft some very cool, passionate riffs that capture all that is glorious in progressive music. Their new song, Unchained is their first real single. But what a single it is, at nine minutes long this track showcases all of the bands finest aspects. There is a real rock and roll energy here that accentuates the soaring melodies of the rest of the band. One thing that makes them especially cool is the way they seem to fuse old and new schools of prog. There are touches of Pink Floyd in here but also elements of Dream Theater or even Meshuggah. The groups vocalist is simply brilliant, he has a great sense of rhythm and a wonderful control over his vocal chords which keeps things especially interesting. The only band I could really compare The Storyline to is Haken (And only new Haken really) this is the sort of passionate and powerful prog that I think will be seeing a rise in the next few years and I hope The Storyline get the chance to spearhead it!

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