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Friday, October 18, 2013

Burning Monk-S/T

Burning Monk cover art

Politically charged hardcore from Oakland? Yes please! Here we have a young and intelligent band who are not afraid to take controversial figures to represent them. A band who understand the hypocrisy and oppression caused the the greater forces in our world today Burning Monk are not afraid to create music that will offend many, but honestly, given that what they are saying is the truth, can they be blamed? With a stunning self titled debut Burning Monk have exploded out of the gate. Their riff style is unique and the attack never ending, here is a band who grasp what they want to do and execute it with aplomb.

Their are two things that really make this record special for me. First is the lyrics, they are delivered with a patent ferocity that has to be heard to be believed. The crazed attack on songs like 10 Years Later is quite frankly impressive. Meanwhile the riff style is also incredible, seemingly content to drift between stoner rock and crazy awesome hardcore punk you get a bit of everything on this record, and somehow it works with the more vicious parts being tempered by the Black Sabbath derived grooves. This is the kind of record that will melt the skin off your face in more ways than one and while it may not be for everybody, the dedicated few will love it.

In conclusion, if you want an album that breaks boundaries, crushes skulls, and is generally awesome then Burning Monks Burning Monk is definitely the record for you. Notable for both the ferocious lyrics and the wonderful riff style Burning Monk are crafting a new type of extreme music and I get the distinct impression it will succeed. With thousands of Facebook fans already I'm excited to hear how this band develops in the future, I think they are rife with potential and the promise they have hear could explode on a longer record. In other words, this could very well end up being one of my albums of the year.

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