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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ashes to Ashes-Borderline

A band who blend light and dark, heavy and acoustic Ashes to Ashes are a band who take female fronted metal to a new level with a mix of cleans and growls that is simply visionary. With touches of death metal and even bits and pieces of metalcore influencing some more singer songwriter style compositions and on Borderline Ashes to Ashes do a bit of everything and pull it off with aplomb. These guys have a lot of skills at their disposal and know how to execute in a way that can appeal to many a metal fan. Be they a metalcore trendster or even a death metal purist of the highest order.

One of my favorite parts about this record is the general riff style. The guitarists of Ashes to Ashes have a pretty distinct approach and it makes their music exciting and fun. This is best seen on songs like Vain or Empty Bottles and Tears. As I mentioned before, the other key highlight of this record is the implementation of vocals. Be they in an acoustic context, a death metal one, or even a heady symphonic metal realm these guys know how to intertwine vocal parts to create something beautiful and powerful, that transcends the common limitations of the heavy metal genre for some greater and more meaningful. There is a strange sort of majesty found on Borderline and that is what makes this record special.

In conclusion, Ashes to Ashes is a heavy metal band who understand how to be different from the pack. A band who want to create something dynamic and exciting, filled with tempo changes and powerful crescendos that reach out and touch the soul. Ashes to Ashes music is unique and beautiful and the way they approach thrash metal is impressive. I for one am now going to have to look at their back catalog. If it is even half as good as Borderline then I have discovered quite the band indeed. In short, due to a distinct riffing style and simply magical vocals Borderline has quickly taken a special place in my heart.

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