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Monday, October 21, 2013

Sordid Flesh

I am firmly of the belief that old school Swedish Death Metal is making a comeback, and for good reason, this stuff is among the heaviest, most gloriously brutal metal that ever came out of Europe and imitating this style is paying tribute to some of the twentieth centuries greatest musicians. That being said, it is often a difficult genre to imitate. Yet Sordid Flesh pull it off with aplomb. Their unholy grooves rip your face off with death metal majesty, roaring out of the gate unashamed of their raw aggression. This is death metal at its finest, blazing fast and filled with raw unforgiving darkness. If you want a band who will tear your face off with their screeching riff and then suddenly slow down for moments of atonal magic then Sordid Flesh is the band for you. Fronted by a MONSTER of a vocalist I could see these guys going far, their music is powerful and destructive, willing to take no prisoners and shatter your skull, and really, what more could you want from a death metal band? 

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