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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Avelion-Liquid Breathing

Liquid Breathing (EP 2013)

Oh my, here is a band who seem to overcome genre boundaries with their new EP Liquid Breathing a record that represents all of the cool stuff happening in modern progressive metal. Yet, these guys are not strictly progressive metal, there are bits of melodeath and mainstream metal in here too. Again, Avelion is one of those bands who apparently live outside of a genre box, unwilling to be confined by norms that many feel are seriously impacting the metal scene these days. In that way Liquid Breathing is a refreshing blast, showing the potential that metal has to move forward.

One of the things I really like about this album is the power of the vocal delivery, while there are a few growls the majority of the singing is clean, and this guy can really belt it. The way he crushes the vocal lines on songs like Liquid Breath is very impressive. He does a great job of finding the pocket rhythms in tracks like the djenty Ain't no Down with his words falling in just the right moments. Personally, I would like to see more of the djent side of the band as thats the bit that really gets me going. Yet as is Avelions unique blend of genres (Admittedly with a djent base) is really cool to listen to and makes certain that Liquid Breathing is filled with musical twists and turns.

In conclusion, my one big complaint about Liquid Breathing is that its only 12 minutes long. I genuinely believe that a lot of these ideas need more development and any full length from Avelion should be impressive indeed. The whole of this album is very polished and pure, reflecting a group of young djentlemen who are searching to create something more, a new brand of prog that is not held back by the common limitations of the djent genre. Maybe this is the future of Meshuggah's music, maybe this will push the scene to a new level, I for one certainly hope so.

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