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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Voidbound cover art

Now you guys know I really, reallyREALLY like Bloodmoon, so imagine how excited I was that they spontaneously put out their new record, the much anticipated Voidbound yesterday. Basically a dream come true. The even better part? Voidbound is an incredible, incredible release and as I sit here on my fifth time through (Remember, I've only been aware of this albums existence for 4 hours) I'm starting to get a grasp that Bloodmoon have put out something better and more epic in scale than I could have ever anticipated. A record on par with Pallbearers Sorrow and Extinction,yes, that good. Bloodmoon have ratcheted things up to a new level and it is most triumphant.

The important thing to note about Voidbound is that Bloodmoon have come a long way since last years Orenda, they have really embraced their doom metal side, as is heard on Orenda their stunning debut (If you don't know it, be sure to check it out!) Here they have come on to something that I have only heard in the greatest albums of all time. Their is a certain magic, a certain feeling that Voidbound evokes that can not be put into words. It's not like the feeling you get when you first listen to Sabbath, but more akin to the discovery of Pallbearer. In other words Voidbound represents a glorious and primal force that reaches into your soul and rips out your heart. This is an album that will blow your mind, not just with songwriting, but with sheer heaviness, destructive riffage, and extremely beautiful lyrics.

In closing, Bloodmoon have struck upon something big here. I've been listening to the demos for this thing for more than a year, and now that I have the entire record to listen to I must bow before these men. This mighty progressive and doomy black metal trio have created something that will stand the test of time. This is Bloodmoon's Spiritual Healing their Holy Mountain if you will. Yet I get the distinct feeling the best is yet to come. Voidbound represents an incredible release for all fans of heavy music, and it will take Bloodmoon far, but I get the feeling things could get even better and I challenge them with that. As for me, I beg leave of you, it is late, and I for one find myself bound to search for the void within us all.

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