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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Prayer of the Dying

Prayer of the Dying

One man black metal is one of the best kinds of black metal, any purist can tell you that without a moments hesitation. The fact of the matter is that the harsh and deeply personal soundscapes found on these types of recordings are simply exceptional. Prayer of the Dying is no exception to that and the mastermind behind the band Martin Ciappara, a talented songwriter with a gift for black metal madness. His music is often melancholic, but almost always beautiful, ripe with the potent magic that trve black metal has. Sure it's not for everybody, yet the select few who enjoy this kind of music love it deeply. In other words, Prayer of the Dying is the kind of metal band that the pvrist loves, grim and evil and filled with the magic that only one man working on his own in the studio can produce. A veritable masterpiece Martin Ciappara's latest release Gods Failed Creation is a powerful and poignant record that leaves me begging for more. I for one sincerely hope that this metal master can continue to deliver in the future!

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