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Sunday, October 6, 2013


Powerful and soul touching melodic rock, I can get on board with that. This is exactly what Breached has to offer with their own brand of very heavy and very melodic modern rock that is not afraid to get a wee bit proggy. Their new record Left Behind speaks legions to their potential with powerful songwriting and some great musicianship all around. These guys are clearly tight musicians and often their best at their proggiest. (Whereas some of their more 'mainstream' songs are a bit less palatable) A band who know how to write great riffs and embrace it these guys definitely have the skills to go far. I just hope they can continue to stay true to themselves and develop on their most complex and musically thrilling ideas. Breached have a lot of cool things going on in their sound, and I can't wait to hear them develop on these ideas even more. As for now, feel free to check out their new record when it drops October 22!

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