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Sunday, October 6, 2013


Aureola cover art

What's this? Glorious and triumphant instrumental progressive rock? That sounds about right to me! Divus is a really cool new band from Switzerland who have recently put out their debut full length Aureola their music is passionate and powerful with lots of artsy chord progressions and some very cool and unique melody lines that help to give the whole thing class. The thing is, these guys don't shy away from making some super long songs, on their six track record 4 are over ten minutes long and one is actually seventeen minutes long. Some might say this makes for dreary progressive music, but personally I find it just works. Their epic compositions flow together in unique and powerful ways, showcasing the instrumental mastery of the band. Sure this might lose them some fans, but us dedicated prog nerds know that Divus are grand, these guys may not be for everybody, yet the dedicated few will adore the beauty of their music. The kind of thing you could listen too for hours at a time, I'm very excited to hear how Divus develop in the future!

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