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Friday, October 18, 2013

Slave Zero

Progressive deathgrind from Dublin, did someone tailor make a band for me? Slave Zero are a crazy and vicious band who are more than just meets the eye. At first it is easy to dismiss these guys as a mere grind outfit who don't neccesarily push any envelopes. Then you start to really get into their music and realize there is more than just raw brutality here. Slave Zero have a sound that is in fact incredibly technical and filled with all sorts of destructive jazz fills. Slave Zero are more than your standard metal band, in fact, they are pushing extremes I didn't know even existed. Sure there are a lot of elements in their sound but somehow it just works. Their new EP Disambiguated Visionary has some extremely interesting lyrics based on fascinating science and is quite the destructive death metal monolith. In other words, if you want a band who are extreme to a fault and very innovative then look no more. The dessicated death metal and grindcore magic of Slave Zero is just right for you!

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