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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Christmas-Appetite for Selfdestruction

So I've been listening to a lot of punk on my own time lately and I've been hoping for more bands in this genre. Fortunately Wooaargh (best label name ever) came to my aid and brought me Appetite for Selfdestruction a killer new punk record from Christmas, a vicious and ripping punk band create some wonderful music. Their new record is two sides of punk rock madness, a band who explode out of the gates and mosh your brains until destruction. Insane punk for the masses, Christmas are here to blow your brains out with rock and roll anarchy.

One of my favorite parts about this record is the ferocious delivery of the vocals, these songs have a wild rock and roll energy to them that will never go away. I love the driving and pounding rhythms of Appetite for Selfdestruction they show Christmas's ability to create destructive and explosive punk that will make YOU self destruct. Another great aspect is the very short song lengths, while not grindcore short, the longest is still just under four minutes long, and the average is about two minutes. Suffice to say, on Appetite for Selfdestruction Christmas have a short attention span, take no prisoners and go for the juggular. This is the kind of punk record that shows off all of the twisted majesty of the genre.

In conclusion, Christmas have created a wonderful and potent record, an album that understands the magic of punk but drives the genre to a new level of madness. Here's the thing though, punks will love Christmas, yet folks who never really liked punk in the first place probably won't like it any more because of these guys. I for one love Appetite for Selfdestruction in both what it represents and what it stands for. I for one feel like Christmas's third release is their finest, a veritable punk rock triumph that shows a band with a penchant for annihilation.

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