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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


An explosive thrashy death metal band from North Sweden (pretty much the most metal place on Earth) ShrednekK bring forth a new type of death metal destruction with riffs and circle pits galore. These guys combine a host of influences to get a sound that, while distinctly metal, is definitely getting some new and cool stuff going. ShrednekK are the kind of band who must kill live at your local metal club, their sound is so bombastic and powerful that all sorts of heads will be banging in a furious unison. Their fierce growls have a driving power behind them that almost remind me of Amon Amarth in a way. The circle pit inducing riffs are lots of fun to listen to and showcase the inherent magic of ShrednekK's music. As a whole, ShrednekK are powerful and promising, the sort of band who, once they get a stable line up going, will be able to kill on the local circuit. Then, with a little luck, I could see ShrednekK going far with their unique brand of strangely furious death metal.

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