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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mental Killing Spree

At long last, a death metal band who have the RAGE. Mental Killing Spree are a vicious and destructive death metal band who mix more than a little grindcore insanity into their songs. With little respite for the listener Mental Killing Spree tear your throat out and then show it to your friends, they are simply that violent. The only measure of relief you can get is in the crushing half tempo sections which remind me of Asphyx's heaviest moments. Few contemporary metal bands have the destructive force of Mental Killing Spree and almost none have the blazing fast chops. Yet as I said before, the single most impressive aspect of this groups is the sheer rage with which they play. Songs like They Still Have A God explode into insane moments of death metal madness that never let up, and for that Mental Killing Spree are simply fantastic. In conclusion, if you want a death metal band who crack skulls and grind bones than look no further, the crazed might of Mental Killing Spree is here for you!

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