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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cursed Kingdom-The Wasteland

Tehran death metal  is basically the coolest thing ever. Cursed Kingdom's new record The Wasteland  (Whose art is actually hanging in my English class room) is a death metal statement, a record that combines the ferocity, evil and undying power of the genre. Made especially poignant because of the oppressed nature of metal in Iran The Wasteland is a death metal record that blazes out of the gate with a ferocity that can not be matched. An album that shows legions of potential and a promise that will never die the future seems bright for this young extreme music trio.

One of the best parts about this record is the idea of grim desperation that seems to pervade so much of the music. The fact of the matter is that the emotions represented in this album feel so much more real than on many other death metal records. Their brutality is so much more so simply because they have to play in a scene that is constantly in danger. The burning speed of these songs is impressive and the way that Cursed Kingdom approach riffs and songwriting in general is pretty unique. Not afraid to mix in ambient or even acoustic instrumentals next to death metal ragers The Wasteland feels so much longer than it's short run time would first imply.

In conclusion, The Wasteland is a surprisingly developed and varied record. In just seven songs (including the intro and outro) Cursed Kingdom manage to make a statement. A statement fueled by life in an oppressive government where metal is held back and is not allowed to roam free as Dio would have willed. It is quite possible these brave young men risked their lives to record this album and their death metal rage becomes all the more prominent because of that. In short, The Wasteland is a destructive release which showcases the magic of a genre that will fight on, no matter what the circumstances.

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