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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sound the Ocean

Sound the Ocean

Sound the Ocean is a wonderful soft rock band with progressive leanings that reach out and touch
the soul. Music that is calm and beautiful and has a certain Dream Theater-like magic to it Sound the Ocean create music that grasps the magic of the human endeavor. Their vocalist has a certain power to his voice that is simply triumphant. He gives the music a U2 like quality, this is clearly a man who creates music that doesn't only grasp the ear, but also the heart, the kind of thing that could appeal across demographics simply because it is so darn pure. Sure Sound the Ocean don't have a lot of music on the internet yet, but it seems pretty clear these guys will get big fast. Their songwriting is among the greatest that I have heard in a long time and their music simply feels like an extension on the very spirits of the musicians. I foresee big things for this New Zealand based group and I can't wait for them to put out a full length!

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