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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Searching 7s

The Searching Sevens

Now you guys know I have a weakness for good pop punk, and The Searching 7s are no exception. Herein lies a band who create well polished and heart touching songs that have lots of juicy hooks that drive them to a whole new level of pop punk fun. Their sound is tight, these guys have a very precise execution and their songwriting is upbeat. Their are no mournful tracks here (sad pop punk is quite frankly my least favorite kind) instead there is a pure innocent joy found throughout, the same pure and innocent joy that makes so much of the genre so much fun to listen too. Another plus about these guys is that they have a lot of tracks on Reverbnation, hey, I'm just sayin'. In short, The Searching 7's are a band who get pop punk and their fun tracks will put a smile on any fans face. Sure these guys aren't technical or brutal but their songwriting is solid and listening to them just makes me feel good. If you need a band like this to power you through your week (and I certainly do) then The Searching 7s are something you must check out.

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