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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Embraced By Death cover art

Carnage, Nihilist, Entombed, these are bands that defined a generation of Swedish death metal, a magic era that many have thought will never be regained. I for one was once a part of this school of thought, until today when I discovered Discarnate. A death metal band who understand the Swedish old school Discarnate are here to bust skulls with a sound that is violent and unapologetic, heavy metal for the junky, the man addicted to the magic of death and the power it holds. Discarnates new release Embraced By Death has the potential to melt your face off with a sound that is so brutal it is slowly crumbling my ears. The evil natured chug of Discarnate is glorious, triumphant and destructive willing to take prisoners, if only to torture them for a while before killing them. Filled with chunky riffs, unforgiving growls and a dedication to brutality that few on the modern Swedish scene can match Discarnate will destroy your soul with their unique brand of devastating death metal. Prepare yourselves, Discarnate is coming for you soon!

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