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Sunday, October 20, 2013


So some of you death metal aficionados may be familiar with Torchure, a twisted German death metal band who formed all the way back in 1985! Well, I get the distinct impression that soon they will be getting a lot more popular with the rerelease of their legendary record Beyond the Veil on Vic Records. Their brand of death metal is characteristic of the early days of the genre with lots of time changes and some brutally powerful vocals. There approach to death metal is wholly different from anything that is going on in metal today, and frankly I find that to be pretty darn impressive. The execution of these tracks is brutally efficient with no room for forgiveness. Torchure are unforgiving in their approach to death metal and the way they eviscerate the listener with their sound is intimidating to say the least. In other words, Beyond the Veil is a killer German death metal record and anyone looking to get into one of the greatest and most legendary scenes in the genre should definitely check out this exclusive re-release!

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