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Monday, October 21, 2013

Toxic Holocaust-Chemistry of Consciousness

THRASH METALLLLL that's the first thing that comes to mind when you turn on Chemistry of Consciousness a record that grasps the undying magic of thrash metal in its finest and most violent form. A sample of thrash metal madness at its finest Toxic Holocaust have come through once again as the hardest partying, yet still intelligent thrash metal bands today. Influenced by the old school of thrash metal and punk Chemistry of Consciousness explodes out of the gate with an undying heavy metal madness, an album that will never die as it rips out your throat and revels in blood.

One of the best parts about this record is the chaotic approach to thrash metal that these guys so clearly revel in. The dynamic attack found in these songs is delicious, showing off the magic of the genre and busting your skull into the dirt. Chemistry of Consciousness curbstomps the listener with an aggression that is almost intimidating at times. The blazing speed of these songs can only be compared to Exodus or even Slayer, the raw aggression is incredible and few modern thrash bands have this pure hatred in them. A lot of rethrash sounds bored and antiquated, yet Toxic Holocaust is not. This is vicious and violent thrash metal at its finest, and as Tony Foresta would say these guys are here to drink your beer and smash in your face.

In conclusion, Chemistry of Consciousness is a thrash metal record for the ages, an album that fits into the grand scheme of thrash metal majesty, a magic that will never die. These tracks represent all of the glory that the genre can have and its blazing punk like aggression helps to keep things exciting and passionate. The variety of influences in here are powerful and exciting, they showcase the power that modern thrash can have even after the glory days have passed. In fact, on could even say that Chemistry of Consciousness is the record that will usher in a new era of light for thrash metal.

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