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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Morganatics-Never Be Part of Your World

So, Two Guys Metal Reviews is getting to a point where I get a few free records in the mail pretty much every week. The creepy thing is that some of these are unsolicited and I'm not wholly sure how the people who sent them got my address, suffice to say The Morganatics new record Never Be Part of Your World is one of these and by god am I glad that it came to my apartment because Dio knows this bands music is made of awesome. A progressive and beautiful rock band who transcend their genre these guys are crafting some of the best prog I have heard in a long time.

One of the most impressive aspects of this record is there sheer variety of sounds, be it in the mix of male and female vocals or in the variety of different guitar and keyboard styles represented. The mix of male and female vocals is especially good and while they rarely intertwine the way they bounce off each other really makes the music more interesting. Importantly, both singers can really belt it and add a lot to the music. As for the guitars and keys, this represents some of the coolest parts of the album. The way the instruments bounce back and forth between groovy metal parts and much lighter ambient parts is impressive to say the least and gives Never Be Part of Your World  a lot of flavor.

In closing, you've probably never heard anything that sounds like The Morganatics before and their distinct take on progressive music is very impressive. The kind of thing that almost anyone can enjoy these guys are not afraid to put a lot of variety in their sound to get some creative, innovative, and generally inspiring. The Morganatics are stellar songwriters and Never Be Part of Your World will never leave you bored. With these eleven songs The Morganatics accomplish something almost visionary and I can not wait to see what the future holds for these guys.

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