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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Perception cover art

Gomorrah is a heavy death metal band who create a sound which is not afraid to descend into chaos. Named after the other city which was destroyed as Lot fled Gomorrah have been crafting unforgiving death metal madness since 2006, so it makes sense that they are this good. One of the interesting aspects of this band is how their trve death metal facade is often spiced up with bits of other extreme music genres. Rest assured, 95% of this bands music is death metal, yet the 5% that isn't is what helps to make the band even better. The moody instrumental breaks are just one example of this. Another example is the groove metal and deathcore passages that add flavor to a lot of the songs (In particular Perception) This is the sort of thing that makes solid death metal great and Gomorrah have a wonderful handle on it. In conclusion, if you're looking for an exciting new death metal band with a lot of rage and a dedication to brutality then look no further Gomorrah is the band for you!

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