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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

K.A-Reborn Again

K.A is one of these local French death metal bands who seem really capable of doing something special with their work. Their new EP Reborn Again is vicious, powerful, and often just magic. Seven songs of high flying death metal rage these guys are really starting to prove the potential they showed in the past. Explosive and violent this is the kind of death metal that I like to spend my days listening too, stuff that rattles the bones with an attack so violent that no one man can escape the crushing might of the band. Death metal of a new kind of ferocity that will melt your face.

Yet as great as these guys are, it's pretty easy to see their main influences. The combination of Slayer, Pantera and Sepultura that more or less defines their sound is a great one, if a bit played out. Yet K.A rejuvenate with a modern death metal might, a sheer rage that is distinctly different from anything those bands put out. The groovy death thrash riffs found on songs like Again showcase this very ideology. A band who are not afraid to do what they want and shove it in your face Reborn Again is in many ways a pinnacle of K.A's work. Their pounding rhythms and explosive attack is triumphant, filled with a well polished might that few can really match.

In other words, there are a lot of bands on the French scene, yet I get the distinct impression, that K.A are among the groups that will go farthest. Though I have yet to see them live, their bubbling intensity on the Reborn Again alone is enough to make me want to go start up a circle pit. I can't even imagine the power of this band in a live context. In sum, if you want some death thrash that is brutal, violent and often very intelligent the magic of this EP should quickly capture your heart. Seven songs of blazing thrash magic, who know what K.A will do next?

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