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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Mental Health Degrades-S/T

Some of you may remember that I got the chance to see My Mental Health Degrades live over the weekend at Warm Up Festival. Then they impressed me with their tight but ferocious sound and unique approach to metalcore. Their EP is more of the same, powerful, melodic, and even symphonic at times with this debut My Mental Health Degrades seem to be reaching for something more than standard metalcore, something transcendent and magical, taking the band, and the genre, to a plane that hasn't properly been explored by anyone else quite yet.

One of my favorite aspects of this record is the use of high flying melodies to give the music flavor. Their music also has a certain bombast to it that is hard to match. It gives the songs a lot more power than they might otherwise have, it makes for music that reaches at a deeper more fundamental level. In other words, this is metalcore that goes for the soul. Another interesting aspect about this record is the interesting melodies used, from the second track, This Modern Hell is Called Hometown, they become readily apparent, bringing a sort of prog atmosphere to the songs. On a final note, the cleans are actually well done and fit in nicely next to the harsh growls, growls that convey true ferocity.

In conclusion, My Mental Health Degrades have crafted something impressive and personal with their debut. This is not the kind of metalcore record that so many are producing these days, that sounds overproduced and dull. Instead this is something that has a beauty and magic of its own, a record that does not feel confined to any rules and is thus able to transcend the common limitations of the genre. I would like to hear more from this band, they certainly have a clear artistic direction and their future seems bright. So now you guys, go listen, tell me if I'm right, or if my mental health is simply degrading.

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