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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Some of you may remember Levania from previous reviews I've written of them. For the uninitiated, LEvania is a powerful gothic metal band who bring their music to a new level by using all sorts of intertwined vocal melodies to create a triumphant music that breaks boundaries with its powerful and dynamic sound. Their new record Renascentis which is easily their best album yet. Heavier and more bombastic than anything they have previously released Renascentis shows Levania is well on their way to an ultimate triumph, a new way of looking at metal.

As I mentioned before the highlight of this record is the mix of vocal styles. While the female cleans dominate their are also a lot of male cleans and even death growls. These all intertwine to create something very interesting and fresh. Levania have a lot of cool new ideas, and this mixing of vocal styles is one of the best, I'd like to seem them make even more use of it in the future. Meanwhile the riffs on this record strike me as a lot punchier and more aggressive than on their last release. This obviously is a good thing as it really engages the listener. Yet, these guys have not completely gone heavy, the magical keyboard parts on songs like Spiral show the old symphonic magic is still there.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a gothic metal record that doesn't confine itself to the maxims of the genre but instead finds a new way to explore the music then Renascentis is the album for you. One of the most creative gothic metal bands out there the future seems very bright for this young quintet. These Italians definitely have the innovation to go far and hopefully Wormholedeath Records (Their label) can help push them to get the recognition they deserve. If nothing else Renascentis will go down in metal history as a killer record!

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