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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Magoa-Topsy Turvydom

You guys know that I am very supportive of my local French metal scene. One of the biggest bands on this scene is Magoa, an explosive and dynamic band who combine a variety  of influences to create a unique and powerful new record that promises to be one of the greatest on the local scene this year. Topsy Turvydom is a veritable statement, an album that creates new and innovative death metal that does not follow the rules but instead is something that is not afraid of mixing in electronic and rock and roll elements. Magoa have a unique and diverse sound, latching on to it is just the beginning.

One of the most interesting things about this album is the veritable journey that it takes the listener on. I love the different sounds that Magoa uses. They are effortlessly put together to create glorious and triumphant soundscapes making Topsy Turvydom easily Magoa's best release to date. It also makes for an album that is hard to stop listening to. The twists and turns are impressive and the listener is constantly engaged, searching for the next big change that will come with the music. It's what makes this album have so much replay value, you simply need to listen to it again and again until you finally grasp all of the sounds that make this record so good.

In short, this is a pioneering record that shows off a whole new side of death metal. The diaspora of influences that make up this record are simply magical, few bands grasp the sheer power that Magoa handle with ease. This band is finally making up to their initial promise and I think that the future will be most glorious for these young death metal innovators. Topsy Turvydom is ten tracks of heavy metal magic and I can not wait to check these guys out live at Divan Du Monde on November 16th. Their death metal might will conquer your soul and take it away on the wings of an eagle.

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