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Tuesday, October 1, 2013



The thing with experimental metal is that it is hard to pull off. Often it is so 'out there' that almost no one can latch on to and really dig it. I think that Markradonn find a fine balance between esoteric and accessible creating innovative and creative music without alienating potential fans. While this band might not have the widespread appeal of a group like Ghost Markradonn definitely will not scare off the average metal fan. Their black metal frills and occasional death metal riffs (And some totally insane solos) will actually encourage many fans to check them out even more. One of the things that makes Markradonn so appealing for me is their sick vocals, they have a certain harsh quality to them that is wholly unholy, filled with metal magic. Meanwhile their keyboard and synth parts add a certain epic and evil quality to songs like Frenzied Winter Sorrow. Overall, Markradonn are indeed doing something experimental and new and the future seems bright for them. I for one am excited to see where Markradonn bring their sound next!

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