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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Samuel Gough

A heartwarming folk artist from Norfolk Samuel Gough is here to touch your soul and illuminate your dreams with his passionate and powerful brand of music. The production here is perfect and the music clearly the product of much passion. Samuel Gough is clearly quite the songwriter and his use of dynamics in songs like Morning Light is simply inspiring. Very few musicians can really invoke the earthy and passionate sounds that Mr. Gough seems to do effortlessly. While there is currently no music on his Facebook page (Go go press releases!) the future definitely seems bright for him. His unique mix of country, rock and traditional folk music is impressive and could have a huge potential fanbase. All I will say is that his new Day Broken EP is five tracks of folk magic that will capture hearts and perhaps even spawn a Bob Dylan for our generation, we certainly need one. The thing is that Samuel Gough's music is the music of the soul, and honestly, there is nothing more that I can ask of an artist.

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