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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I don't get a lot of really new and refreshing rock records on this website. That's why I'm so excited when I get an interesting new record like Seta's Interferenze an album that combines electronic elements with some more contemporary hard rock sounds. Ten tracks (And an intro) of exciting rock and roll that creates some new paradigms and flattens old ones. This is an album for the ages, a record that shows off a new and exciting facet of rock music. While the sound might not be perfected yet, the potential is clear, these guys can clearly go far.

See, the thing about this record is that it brings in a lot of cool new ideas into a rock context. The point is that these contemporary rock ideas are very much accentuated by the heavy use of synthesizers. The vocals are fairly excellent, the delivery is powerful and profound, reaching out and touching the soul. A side point I'd like to add is that the Italian lyrics work great with the music. They give it a whole new element of individuality and provides a wonderful flow through the songs. My one complaint is that some of the ideas are not fully realized, I feel like the band needs to take their electronic elements further and stay away from their heaviest parts.

In finishing, Intereferenze is exciting and promising with lots of cool new ideas, but the journey of musical domination for Seta is not done quite yet. The songs are developed and powerful, even the hidden track is pretty fabulous. While the band still has some evolution to do before they can fully ascend to what they can really be this is still an excellent and forward thinking record. If you want an album that shows a band who have the potential to be a big thing in just a couple years then Interferenze is the album for you. Seta have reached out and created something fresh and new, can you handle it?

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