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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sights & Sounds-Silver Door

Here is a nifty rock EP that shows off a new and exciting side of the genre. Silver Door by Sights & Sounds is an explosive and powerful new group who have an interesting approach to rock and roll. Often infused with ambient or pop elements Silver Door gets the spirit of rock and roll but puts something new and exciting in for good measure. This is a band who turn rock music on its head and give it something passionate and fresh, crafting unique soundscapes for the twenty first century, a band who could triumph in rock and rolls seventh decade.

One of my favorite parts about this record are the huge walls of sound that the band seemingly effortlessly create. The songs drive across your ears with a force that is certainly to be reckoned with. The overall quality of the songwriting on this EP is pretty impressive too. It makes for engaging songs that simply make sense. Some of these songs could do very well indeed on modern rock radio. This is the kind of rock music that I really enjoy, innovative and well thought out. On some level it makes sense that these guys are as good as they are, they've been working together for almost seven years! Silver Door is the ultimate triumph of their musical ability. 

To wrap it all up, with these six tracks Sights and Sounds create something strangely beautiful, rock and roll for a new generation. The product of a huge variety of influences this record is magnificently intricate, it showcases the unholy power of rock and roll, even in this much more polished and extravagant format. Sights and Sounds are true pioneers and the way their sound is building up is very impressive indeed. With years of work already the future seems bright for these Canadians. (See, something good can come from Canada!) If you want explosive and passionate rock and roll then check out Silver Door today!

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