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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Beyond The Oblivion-Shades of Grey

Beyond the Oblivion are a very interesting prog band from South Australia with a sound that fuses all sorts of different music to create something that is unique and powerful. Inspiring and creative their new record Shades of Gray is seven tracks of crazed prog madness, the kind of music that captures the heart of a soppy old prog nerd like me. There is a lot going on here and Beyond the Oblivion know it, confidently crafting unique soundscapes that reach out and touch the soul, reflecting the inner magic and power that progressive music can have.

One of the coolest things about this record is the variety of vocal styles employed. Their is a whole range of styles, from cleans to death growls and everything in between. This is the kind of record that remains constantly interesting because its twists and turns constantly leave you anticipating the next moment in the song. Another important aspect about Shades of Grey is the way that the songs build up and become veritable monoliths within your head, overcoming the listener with the undying power that metal has. The albums crowning moment, the ten minute long This Justice is Beyond the Oblivion mounting their progressive throne and showcasing the power and the glory that their music has.

In conclusion, Shades of Grey  is the kind of album that showcases an up and coming prog band at their finest. Sure their sound could be refined at times (for example some of the combinations of vocal styles don't quite come off) but that is part of the magic of Shades of Grey this is more than just an album, but a beautiful and triumphant statement that shows the future of progressive music will be bright indeed. This record shows a lot of potential, and with a little development Beyond the Oblivion could very well become one of the greatest bands of their generation.

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