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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black Inside

Hailing from Italy Black Inside are hard rock masters, guys who toss in elements of more modern day metal to a New Wave of British Heavy Metal basis you've got to love. These guys have a great understanding of their unique style and a firm grasp on songwriting. Their epics like Crossin' the Desert, showcase a band who know how to have powerful forward motion in their songwriting, explosive riffs and roaring vocals. Why, there are even a few touches of Candlemass styled doom here and there. Suffice to say, Black Inside's music tends to be very hooky and fun to listen to. These are songs that are easy to follow along with, Black Inside don't really deliver any musical left turns, yet what they do they pull off with aplomb, keeping my head banging and fist pumping. As is, their could be a bit more polish in Black Insides sound but they seem to have a clear musical direction and it should be exciting to hear more from them. I for one am looking forward to checking out their new release Weigher of Souls which came out about two weeks ago.

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