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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Death in Paris!

Around 5 PM yesterday evening I strolled up to Trabendo, one of the most legendary venues in Paris. Immediately upon going down to the stage area I bumped into Paul Masvidal, things were off to a good start. After hanging around for a few minutes and meeting some important folks from Season of the Mist and whatnot it was time for a special treat I hadn't foreseen. Cynic listening party, yes that Cynic. Suffice to say, things were going well. After a few rounds of interviews (Which should be posted in the coming week) with Steve Digorgio, Max Phelps and the aforementioned Paul Masvidal, it was time to see Death hit the stage!

By God was this a show to see. Understand, these guys have all been surrounded by Death's music for years. Even Max Phelps, who is considerably younger, had a very good handle on his role as 'Chuck'. In fact, he positively dominated his role as the vocalist/guitarist. Every growl was on point and the vocal stylings were very much in line with those that Evil Chuck the Great brought onto this earth so many years ago. Sure there were a few mishaps here and there, but it was all in the flavor of the live performance. It perfectly set the mood and kept things exciting and interesting, showcasing all of the magic that Death was known for for so many years.

The instrumental execution was flawless. Not only were we treated to both of Death's instrumental tracks but also an epic bass solo from Steve Digorgio on his world renowned three stringed bass. What can I say other than that he's still got it? Reinerts drumming was to die for, his intro on the first track (Flattening of Emotions) was simply magic and got the crowd going. He knows where its at. Even after years with the jazz fusion monolith that Cynic has become he knows how to hit hard and let out unapologetic and violent heavy metal rage. It was a joy seeing this drum virtuoso rip up every song with an attack that was as passionate as it was flawless.

One thing I wanted to point out was the wonderful guitar solos. Both Phelps and Masvidal added their own touches on to the trademark Death solos to keep things interesting and exciting. Yet the simultaneous melodic lines were executed brilliantly. Masvidal has a pretty unique stage presence, running around in circles and talking to other band members. You know he's having fun on stage and its really great to watch him pull off some of these mythic solos live. He provided a crazed focal point, after Phelp's unapologetic growls. Let's just say that together, these four gentlemen form an incredible unit that will keep your head banging and body moving for the whole 80 minutes of their set.

To finish, Death to All is a fitting tribute to one of the greatest death metal musicians who ever lived. Perfect in execution and unparalleled in sheer metal might this strange new incarnation of Death know how to put on a great show and get the crowd going crazy. I am extremely excited to get to go see these guys again in June at Hellfest. No other band has touched me on such a deep emotional level, with hundreds of fans crushed around me, screaming out to the final song, Pull the Plug, I knew I had found something, something greater. As chants of 'Chuck, Chuck, Chuck' closed out the night, I, and everyone in the crowd realized, legends will never die.

Find tour dates and more at the Death to All Facebook Page!

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