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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Female fronted rock inflected alternative pop band. Admit it, even if you're not into this kind of music (I'm certainly not) it's still pretty awesome. See, what Celleste does that is so cool is that she mixes in crazed elements of 40s Cabaret music and 70s rock to keep things interesting. Celleste's music is rather unique, not just because of the songwriting, but also the heartfelt passion that she pumps into her songs. It helps to keep the music alive and beautiful, showcasing the inner joy that these songs so clearly give her. That is what really makes Celleste fun for me, sure things are perfectly produced and wonderfully mastered (By the same guy who does U2 and Sheryl Crow), but the spirit behind the music stays bright and fiery, showcasing a wonderful dedication to the musicians craft. Burning bright and triumphant in a time that is very dark for pop music I hope to hear more from Celleste in the future. Her head is certainly in the right place and her songs have the potential to touch the hearts of millions.

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