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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eutanos-Majesta Sancta Frigoriis Exterminum

Pure unadulterated rage, with nothing in the way, that is what Ecuadorian metal masters Eutanos seek to create. Sure production is minimal, the songs are destructive and dark, evil and powerful, music that comes from the crypt and captures your heart, smashing it up and grinding it to a pulp. Do not expect any mercy from these men, their new record Majesta Sancta Frigoriis Exterminum is the kind of grim dose of blackened death metal madness that makes me question the sanity of mankind. Uncouth and evil this is the kind of metal that makes me remember the Satanic glory that brings so many to the genre.

Majesta Sancta Frigoriis Exterminum will immediately strike you with its sheer rage. From the initial unearthly shrieking of Pecador you know that Eutanos are not just another extreme metal band. These guys are here to blaspheme in the most ridiculously violent and crude way imaginable. Part of this concentrated evil might just be that Eutanos have been blasting out these unholy hymns for so long. They've been together for ten years and their sound is refined, if not polished. A final note, the vocals are just insane, this bands lead singer is just a madman. The high pitched and evil screams that are torn out of his body are not of this earth, but indeed, somewhere that must be south of heaven.

In conclusion, Majesta Sancta Frigoriis Exterminum delivers ten tracks (and a hidden one!) of heavy metal anarchy, unwilling to accept the joy of life but focusing instead on pure evil and hatred. There is no love and no mercy in the music of Eutanos, do not come here expecting for musical carresses that keep you nourished. No, Majesta Sancta Frigoriis Exterminum will rip you apart, and then use your desecrated bones to murder your family and friends. Again, there is nothing accessible or friendly about this record, it will rip you apart and smash in your face. Prepare yourselves for the metal madness, but never think yourself ready for Majesta Sancta Frigoriis Exterminum. 

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