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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oklahoma Swamp Monster, Pilgrim, and Windhand at Le Klub

I arrive at Le Klub around 5 PM, I have interviews scheduled with Pilgrim and Windhand. (Expect transcripts in the next few days) I hung out with the guys and talked for a few hours, sucking up the vibes of Le Klub. Tonight we were to see four bands perform (I skipped one, Barabbas, so I could hang out with Pilgrim and Windhand)  magic was in the air and I got the distinct impression that Le Klub was only going to increase the triumph of these bands. Dear God, was I right. The three bands I got to see all slayed, Pilgrim and Windhand were some of the best acts I have ever seen live, veritable religious experiences brought to the doom metal masses.

I went down to the lower room to see Oklahoma Swamp Monster play a forty minute long set filled with doomy fills, powerful riffs, and wah powered solos. There is a certain earthy magic to the music of Oklahoma Swamp Monster and it is only amplified when you are thirty feet underground. My favorite parts were the groovy riffs. They imbued the entire band with a strange and unholy power that kept my entire body in thrall. The way these guys approach music is very cool and their unique brand of stoner doom is the kind of thing I'd love to go see again live. Enthusiastic and powerful, Oklahoma Swamp Monster definitely have a sound that could go places in the near future.

After skipping Barabbas it was time for Pilgrim, and dear God where they good. One of the heaviest bands I have ever seen live Pilgrim imbue their music with a certain unholy magic, radiating the power of their leader, Astaroth. These guys take on a new element live and at the center of it all is their mysterious frontman, The Wizard (or y'know John). These guys have a strange and mystical power that is reinforced by their fantasy inspired lyrics as well as a sheer heaviness that simply capture the heart. In short, Pilgrim know exactly what kind of live show they want to pull off and do it with aplomb. They play to the crowd, but rarely engage, instead creating a unique and visceral soundscape that will pull your soul to another dimension of metal madness.

Then came Windhand. Oh, Windhand. Make no mistake my friends, Windhand do not play concerts, they create rituals, with incredibly loud, heavy, and passionate music that reverberates through each and every  listener on a very deep and personal level. No one can avoid the incredible power of this band live. With incense burning and vocals soaring over top of crashing guitar and drum lines seeing Windhand live is quite simply a religious experience. They reach out and create something that is crazed and powerful, and utterly perfect in it's conception. The only band who I can think of who have ever come close to this level of sheer vibes is Tesseract. Windhand are an utterly bodacious live band, no one can do what they do and for good reason, they are among the best out there.

In conclusion, this evening contained the stuff of legend. Oklahoma Swamp Monster were the perfect introduction into what would be some of the best sets of my life. Their sound is heavy and passionate, glorious in it's own down to earth way. Pilgrims music is as otherworldy as their fantasy. Reaching down and pulling the listener by the ear into a doom laden magical realm. Then we have Windhand, the band who craft not just music but entire WORLDS with their sound. A band who nearly brought tears to my eyes with their sheer passion I can not wait to see them again. And so I leave you with this dear reader, here are groups that understand their music on a fundamental level, and it is up to you to check them out!

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