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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Demorian-Disco Diabolique

Now, one thing I don't get enough of on this site is industrial metal, especially not the strangely aggrotech derived madness that bands like Demorian provide. Here is a group with a sound that fuses a variety of styles, ranging from black metal to experimental electronic music and goth metal. It makes for music that is unique and distinctly enjoyable, and quite frankly, rather addictive. The strange grooves embodied by their new record, Disco Diabolique, capture the heart with their distinct approach to the genre, rocking in the free world in a way no one has rocked before.

My favorite aspect of the music is the change in dynamics. The way the band shifts from gentle industrial to blazing black metal is wonderful. It feels natural and powerful, reflecting the spirits of the musicians. Moreover, it just works it shows a new approach to music and one that I can really get behind and appreciate. The songwriting is powerful too, the spiraling melodies and ethereal vocals help to make it easy to get lost in the bands music. Their unique blend of keyboards and guitars creates a gothic feel that breaks into the soul with a bleak and unforgiving attack. The downtrodden feel of songs like A Magic Moment help to give Disco Diabolique a whole new flavor.

In conclusion, Disco Diabolique is the kind of record that fuses a variety of influences and rather than coming out as a mess, comes out as an artistic triumph. The kind of record that gives new life to the genre and showcases some of the coolest things happening in metal today. Iconoclastic and often impossible to clarify, I for one really dig the strange music of Demorian and will definitely be coming back to listen to more of this record in the near future. Disco Diabolique is a promising release and I can't wait to hear what these Swedes come up with next!

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