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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Mindpatrol is a rather prog derived metal band with a huge list of influences. These Luxembourg metal masters pursue a rather unique sound that shows a lot of thought and passion behind the music. With a stated goal of having concept driven metal, Mindpatrol are unique to say the least. Their delivery is also pretty fascinating. From the debut track of their new album Downfall Theatre you see that these guys are not messing around, they are creating something fresh and new with sounds that have never really been used in a metal record before. Very human, these songs reach out and touch the soul. Yet don't think these guys don't have any rage. They know how to belt it out and the bands lead singer can really rip it when he wants to. One thing, the record needs to be a bit more polished around the edges, some of the vocals just sound a tad off. Overall though, Mindpatrol have something pretty cool going and I could see their unique guitar driven sound going far. Once they iron out the rough patches Mindpatrol should be ready to initiate your downfall.

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