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Monday, November 18, 2013

Heartless Folk

Heartless Folk cover art

That's right folks, more punk rock. Today I bring you the insane and violent rockers from Heartless Folk, a punk band from the blasted lands of of Berkeley, California. With a vicious attack and a destructive delivery, Heartless Folk know how to bring a hefty dose of rock and roll anarchy to their music. Their songs are short and don't demand a lot of attention. Their blasting attack will capture the heart of anyone who loves punk rock in its purest form. There is nothing friendly or easy about Heartless Folk, no, you must prepare yourself for a heavy delivery of punk at maximum velocity. These guys do not mess around, they have a clear message and a harsh delivery and if you don't like it, too bad. So sure, the sound isn't polished, the vocals are shouted, the playing isn't always super tight, but that's the point! Heartless Folk crash out of the gate and rip your throat out before you even know what has happened to you. If you want refreshing and destructive punk that honors its musical ancestors then be sure to check out their new self titled EP!

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