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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Slack Armada

Ambient, meaningful, layered, beautiful, these are all words that could describe the saintly magic of Slack Armada's music. A project that reeks of bands like Mogwai and My Bloody Valentine, Slack Armada is noise influenced, instrumental ambient post rock. All the work of one man Slack Armada's music is clearly very personal. Yet, it reflect the spirit of the musician behind it, Jim Hrabak, so perfectly that it takes on a whole new level of power. This is one man making a statement and reaching out, showing what he is truly capable of and that is what makes Slack Armada so excellent. Sure the songs aren't always hooky and sometimes take a bit of effort to latch on to, but that's the point. This isn't for everyone, and that's because it is simply far to personal to be. That is not to say Slack Armada could not have a widespread appeal, it just needs to be listened to seriously. Powerful on a very emotional level Slack Armada is definitely doing something special and unique and I can see Hrabak going far!

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  1. Matt, Thank you so much for the kind words. Best wishes for continued success! -Jim Hrabak