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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Oklahoma Swamp Monster-S/T

So I got to check out Oklahoma Swamp Monster live last week. and was most impressed by their hard riffing and earthy approach to stoner metal. Well, know I have their new record to review and by god is this a fun and powerful debut EP. Filled with chunky riffs, flashy solos and down to earth and powerful vocals Oklahoma Swamp Monster makes for a fun and exciting listen. Before I continue, note that the packaging of this record is also pretty fabulous. Made to look like a 60s B movie its the kind of CD that has a clear personality of its own.

One of the first things that struck me about this record was the sheer passion behind the music. But more than that, the songs have a sort of otherworldly power that can not be put in to words. The riffs strike at the soul with a sound that is powerful and head crushing. I love the gritty and grim chants that characterize some of these songs. One example of this is the legendary cry of 'Don't fade away' that gives flavor to the conclusion of the albums second track. Their are also a lot of great tempo changes which actually remind me a bit of Black Sabbath, going from slow and groovy to fast and furious their is a lot of room for musical expression here and Oklahoma Swamp Monster execute with aplomb.

In conclusion, Oklahoma Swamp Monster is a promising debut EP from a young band who seem to have the passion to go far. Their approach to music is distinctive and often beautiful. A stoner metal band that all fans of the genre should enjoy these guys have the kind of universal appeal that only bands like Sleep can really get at. While only five tracks long a lot of great ideas are developed on, with more songs these guys could get even further down the rabbit whole that is their bands music. So, go out, bang your head, but be wary, the great and legendary Oklahoma Swamp Monster could be coming for you next!

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