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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Secondhand Habit-Anaphylactic Rock

Anaphylactic Rock

I last reviewed Secondhand Habit a very long time ago (God that review is embarassing), and now they have something new for you to enjoy, their new EP Anaphylactic Rock a record that captures all of the magic of their previous releases these four songs reach out and touch the soul in a way only Secondhand Habit can. These guys have long had a clear artistic direction defined by beautiful lyrics and melodic riffs that you can get lost in. Yet there is something more here. These guys have progressed as songwriters and the music tends to have some more complicated ideas than you might have found on their earlier releases. The way they approach their songs with a loud and proud, fun loving dedication is great, yet their is also an intellectual power behind these tracks. They prove that the band is more than just another alt rock group but a troupe of musicians capable of making a very real and deeply personal artistic statement. I for one am still a fan, and I hope that this EP launches Secondhand Habit into the success they so deeply deserve!

Listen to the EP on Soundcloud! 

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