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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Order of Nine-Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror

Power metal is one of my favorite metal subgenres, roaring vocals, high powered guitar parts and flashy, beautiful solos. Yet, oftentimes, a lot of the magic is lost to the sheer silliness of the genre. This is what makes Order of Nine so great. While they adhere to the maxims of their genre, their new record Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror is much more serious than many of their contemporaries, powerful and passionate, the kind of power metal that seeks to push the genre forward and prove the undeniable might behind a band that breathes new life into the Pennsylvania metal scene.

One of the first things that will strike you is the girth and glory behind the vocals. They take the music to a whole new level with their low pitched metal magic. One highlight of the record is the artful use of growls. They are not often present, but when they do show up they help to keep things interesting. The songwriting is simply fantastic, the tracks communicate both sublime joy and infinite grief, progressing in a clear and defined way. The solos too are simply fantastic. Sure, they can be a bit flashy but they move the songs forward and help to bring the entire thing to a whole new world of heavy metal madness. These guys know what they are doing and they pull of every single portion of their music with aplomb.

To finish, Order of Nine is a power metal band who call forth an antediluvian might into their music. Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror is proof that Pennsylvania might hold the future of power metal. Order of Nine are forward thinking, triumphant and clear in their artistic direction. This is the kind of power metal record that makes me excited for the future of the genre and shows all of the ways things can go forward. An excellent band who are just starting to make it big, Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror may very well be the record that launches Order of Nine to the acclaim they deserve.

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