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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stark Denial-War

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Thunder cracks in the northern sky, a man cries out in pain, and Stark Denial roars on. A band with an absolutely ungodly black metal sound Stark Denial know what it is to create black metal of the most dark degree. This Indian group have the rage and ferocity that is required to make a triumphant black metal record and their necro production and oftentimes minimalist songwriting only go to enforce the raw evil that is so clearly promoted by their music. Their debut EP War is the kind of record that will have critics and fans raving, slaves to the black metal madness.

One of the first things that will strike you about this album is the raw hatred that apparently went into its inception. Their are so many emotions here and the rage is undeniable. At times it blazes so fast you have to note that there are a few death metal influences on these Mumbai natives. Yet the spirit of the thing is clearly black metal. Songs like Conquering thy Enemies Throne may have touches of death metal mastery in them but the flaming darkness of black metal is what really takes the crown. Suffice to say, on War, Stark Denial clearly know what they want to do with their music and they refuse to be ashamed of their undying blasphemy.

In conclusion, the bands new EP is gloriously violent and proud of its evil. These guys understand what it is to make unadulterated and dark black metal and go for the throat. I have long said that the Indian metal scene is going to soon be triumphant and one day will conquer the world. It is quickly rising and rage driven bands like Stark Denial will be leading the charge of a new generation of heavy metal addicts from rapidly developing nations. So, if you love black metal and want something a little different then War is absolutely perfect for you!

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