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Friday, December 20, 2013

44Mag-Outlaw Psychosis

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, it's where I was raised, and it is the birthplace of The United States of America. Yet, it has some of the craziest, most violent, and simply glorious rednecks that you will ever meet.
They know it and are proud of it, and perhaps nowhere is this more clear than in the music of 44Mag, a band whose hard partying thrash metal madness will get any boring get together into a violent, beer smashing festival to all things rock and roll. Dedicated to old school thrash metal bands like Metallica and Slayer as well as groups like Pantera, their new record Outlaw Psychosis is the product of many parties, and years of hard work.

The battering charge of this band will slowly grind your skull down to dirt. These guys do not slow down for anyone, if you want to listen to 44Mag then hold on tightly to your hat, they are not compromising, ever. Loud and proud, 44Mag know what it is to rock. These songs have a certain Pantera derived groove to them that helps to keep things destructive and exciting. The riffs are of a very high overall quality and though they may bang in your head and smash in your face you are certainly left begging for more. See, there is a certain mindset that can only be developed over years of backwoods parties and gallons of moonshine, with Outlaw Psychosis 44Mag share this magic with the world.

In closing, if you want a record that trumpets the glories of the redneck way of life, rocks with every bar and gets heads banging across the land, then Outlaw Psychosis is the band for you. These guys don't have a  clean cut bone in their body, and they are proud of that. Gritty to the core and reeking of pot smoke this is not thrash metal for the light hearted. But if you can handle the craziest redneck parties, the most destructive moshing, and the rural glory of Pennsylvania then Outlaw Psychosis is definitely something that you are going to want to check out.

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