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Friday, December 20, 2013

Short Notice

Short Notice

Short Notice is the kind of gloriously sad rock band that remind me of the beauty of life, not in their songwriting necessarily (though it is great) but in the raw emotion communicated by the musicians. Do not think though, that Short Notice is just another emo band, no, there is ultimately a message of hope in the bands music, showing us as humans a way forward. The music of Short Notice is the kind of thing that you really need on a day where everything seems to be going wrong. Perhaps it is just my current circumstances that have led me to fall in love with this band, but I think there is something more here. Short Notice have tapped into the language of our times. Sure the production isn't always great and some of the vocal lines could be polished up a bit more, but that's not what really counts here. No, it is the attitude and the triump with which short notice approach their songs that makes them so beautiful and listenable. Tune on in to Reverbnation folks, Short Notice are about to tap into your soul.

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