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Sunday, December 8, 2013



Roaring out of the gates on the wings of some sort of hellbound demon, we have 5150, a thrash metal band who know what it is to bring the mosh. Their songs are finely crafted, harsh, and unforgiving. The death metal side of 5150's sound is really allowed to shine, yet it is the thrash that keeps things violent and fun. These songs get what it is to create music that reaches out and rips out your throat, sure it's not for everyone, but 5150 seem acutely aware of that. There are interesting twists and turns in the bands sound, like the acoustic guitar and clean vocals on In the Sky, creating an interesting vibe for a thrash band as violent as this one. This playing with ideas of light and dark is really cool and helps to make things edgier and more interesting. So, in brief, if you want a thrash metal band who do a bit of everything and have fun while doing it, 5150 is the band for you. These guys mosh, they thrash, they do everything in between. Sure their production could do with some work (Some of the growled parts are particularly muddy) yet the songs stand tall. 5150 is thrash metal for a new millennium.

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