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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Adimiron, Extrema, Dew Scented and DEATH ANGEL at La Maroquinerie

So tonight I headed out to La Maroquinerie (Yes, a new one for me) to go see some thrash metal of the highest caliber. The venue was wonderful, great sound, great view, a stage that was easy to dive off of (Four on the night!) and a floor that was good for moshing in. Let's just say that now my back is a mat of bruises, I'm bleeding in a few places, and I'm still in awe of what I witnessed tonight. Make no mistake my friends, this tour is the fastest, loudest, and most violent of the year. Tonight was something special, brought to me by four top notch bands who play thrash and death metal in a triumphant and glorious way.

So, Adimiron kicked off the night, and lets just say, these guys know how to deliver some insane death metal. (Note: they gave me their album to review, so expect that in a few days) Their thrash derived approach to the genre makes for some fast and fun headbanging music. Sure, there weren't a lot of people there, (maybe a crowd of fifty had gathered for this first band) but by God are they good. They only got to play for about 25 minutes though which I thought was a bit of a downer. I think with more time they could really have gotten the crowd going. Suffice to say, seeing as they're already touring with a band as legendary as Death Angel they could be going far fast!

Next up was Extrema, Italian metallers who really understand what it is to rock. Dedicated to the genre they have been working at for 25 years you can feel the dedication in their live show. Their unique blend of thrash metal, hardcore, and some more traditional stuff really lets them shine. Their harsh and unforgiving delivery is the epitome of metal mayhem.They definitely know what it is to get a pit going and put on a show. Unfortunately, their set was also hurt by time constraints, still they were very enjoyable, seeing them was definitely a treat and I look forward to getting a chance to check them out again in the near future, with a longer and more developed set.

Dew Scented is where we started to see people going crazy and crowd surfing happening. The thing is with Dew Scented is that they are so simply heavy and fast you can't help but get going. This is the kind of crazy blazing fast thrash metal that reminds me why I make this blog. They played a lot of material from their new album which I especially liked. Suffice to say, the tracks from this record go along nicely with their older material. The closer of Acts of Rage was especially well received and gave a fitting preparation for the magic to come. Dew Scented know how to put a show, they've been at it for twenty years, and this new album is among their best.

So now we move on to the true highlight of the night, the band that made thrash what it is today. One of my three favorite thrash bands of all time. The kind of group who not only get a pit going but break your skull open while doing it. Death Angel's music transcends words, no other band in the world can do what they do. Be this because of the crazed riffing from Rob and Ted or simply Marks incredible, again INCREDIBLE vocals. Death Angel are just something else entirely, no other band in the world will ever touch on them, they are unique, and simply glorious. But I'm not just here to sing the bands praises, lets talk a little bit about their (Oh so magnificent) set.

It's important to remember, Death Angel is the kind of band who have never released a bad song. This means that any set of theirs, regardless of what songs they pick, will be awesome. This one was no exceptions. With tracks from every period of Death Angels existence Mark led us through an hour and forty minutes of triumphant metal music. One of the things that makes Death Angel so fun to see live is their sing a long choruses. It helped to really cement the bands greatness and make the live experience that much more fun. The band told us that we were their best crowd of the tour, and given the level of metal mayhem that was going down, it wouldn't surprise me. Lets just say, Death Angel have a reputation as one of the world best live bands for a reason.

So in closing I will leave you with this, the message that Mark gave to us before Death Angel ripped into a cover of Heaven and Hell. Yes, they covered Heaven and Hell, it was the best thing ever. No matter what, follow your dreams, even if it requires blood. This was a message I know I took to heart today in a way that I never have before. Death Angel didn't just put on a great show, they taught me something important, that even if left for dead, you should come back, rise harder and stronger, ready to fight, to fight to survive. So go forth my friends, buy tickets for these bands, you won't regret it!

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